Other Products

Ledger Blade M. S. Forged


Top Cup


Forged Swivel Clamp

40 x 40, 40 x 50, 50 x 50 mm

Sleeve Clamp

48 mm, 51 mm

Casting Go-Go Nut

Gogo Clamps are made out of C. I. Casting with MS Bolt to Clamp.

Jack Nut

Jack nust are casted available in two types light & heavy duty. It is available as required galvanized of non galvanized

Adjustable U Head

Solid Bar Size: 32*350, 32*450, 32*600

Hollow Pipe Size: 38*450, 38*600, 38*750

Cold Rolled Tie Rod

Material: EN-8
Size: Ø 15mm, Upto 6mtr. length
Working Load: 90 KN
Weight: 1.47 KG / Mtr

Forged Girder Coupler

For Pipe OD 48.3mm (AS - 157)

Double Coupler

For Pipe OD 48.3mm (EN-74/BS-1139)

Forged Right Angle Coupler

Forged Swivel Coupler

Single Clips / Double Clips

Box Type Span

Manufactured from sq. tube, outer 50x50 mm and Inner 40x40 mm, 3 mm thik

Centering Plate

Specification: Made of 14swg sheet Riveted, 25x25x5mm angle

Anchor Nut

Expanding Jointpin